Specialists in Venetian marble plaster and decorative surface finishes 

Specialists in Venetian marble plaster and decorative surface finishes 

We transform your domestic and commercial interiors with our specialist surface design techniques and materials. 
Venetian marble plaster, also known as polished plaster, gives a contemporary, seamless finish and a clean, harmonious look to your spaces.  
We make your projects visually stunning and unique using polished plaster, Tadelakt, Microcement, and decorative paint. 
Traditional yet contemporary bespoke solutions 
Traditional yet contemporary bespoke solutions 
Combining traditional craftsmanship and bespoke solutions, we believe that each project should be treated as an individual work of art. Working with Venetian marble plaster and our other decorative finishes is an artisanal craft that requires specialist training, skill, practice, and patience. 
Working closely with you we can combine a mix of finishes, colours, and techniques to upgrade your space. We will help you find designs that stand the test of time and are aesthetically beautiful. 
Whether you are an interior designer, an architect, or are renovating, building or upgrading your own commercial or residential space, we can work with you to make your surfaces stunning and unique while still being durable, hygienic, and easy to clean. 
Qualified applicators of specialist finishes 
Qualified applicators of specialist finishes 
We are trained and qualified in each of these finishes – Venetian marble plaster, Tadelakt and Microcement - as well as specialists in decorative paint. You can rest assured you will receive a highly professional service and finish. 

Venetian marble plaster 

If you are looking for a highly polished, luxurious, and high-end finish, polished plaster has the answer. It is durable, versatile, elegant, and easy to look after. Made from a mixture of marble dust, lime, and pigment, it is applied in thin layers to create a seamless, high-shine finish. It offers almost unlimited options, helping you match the unique character of your home. Venetian marble plaster comes in many different colours and can also be airbrushed to match your colour schemes. 
Venetian marble plaster - Riflesso Berkshire


Tadelakt has health benefits as well as a beautiful, decorative finish. It is a natural Moroccan lime plaster that has been used for centuries. It comes in many colours and is as practical and low maintenance as it is beautiful and versatile. Tadelakt is also water resistant, making it a great replacement for tiles in wet rooms. 


Microcement is applied over a wide variety of existing surfaces, including stairs, both indoors and outdoors. It gives a smooth, seamless finish to both commercial and residential projects. Made of cement, water-based resins, additives, and mineral pigments, it is resistant to both water and chemical products as well as beautiful. 

Decorative paint finishes 

Modern decorative paint finishes use a combination of luxury textured paints and light reflection. A range of effects is available in numerous colours and they are suitable for all types of spaces. Whether you want elegant and classical or a clean, modern design, there is a decorative paint effect for every mood and environment. 

WHY CHOOSE Our Products? 

Mold Free 
Moisture Resistant 
Enjoy the benefits of a naturally beautiful, high-quality, and healthy living environment. 
Our polished finishes are highly durable and breathable. They are water resistant and reduce indoor humidity in summer and warm up quickly in winter. They are anti-bacterial and keep out mould and bugs. 
We can advise you on a number of different looks using specific products, colours, and application techniques, ranging from highly-polished plasters to rugged, textured ones. 
We will guide you through our range of products and advise you on their suitability for your project. 

GET IN TOUCH   If you are looking to enhance the aesthetics of your residential or commercial property, we can help. 

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